Ultra AutoCAD Tool

Ultra AutoCAD Tool 4.2.4

Powerful utility for AutoCAD drawing files

Free utility program for editing AutoCAD drawing files.

Ultra AutoCAD Tool is a free powerful batch utility program for AutoCAD drawing files. Features include: extract data from drawing files (CSV, XML, HTML), create DXFs from DWGs, find and replace text, find and replace block attribute values, find and delete text objects, find and delete block attribute objects, find and delete block objects, set layer status (on/off/thawed/frozen), save drawings as older version, find and replace image paths, etc.

This tool allows the user to perform operations on multiple AutoCAD drawing files in one fell swoop. Script files can be saved so that the operation can be performed again at a later time with the click of a few buttons.

This utility was designed to make editing text, block attribute values and layers within AutoCAD drawing files easier.